The ensemble Epopé.e seeks to develop innovative transversal and immersive forms of concerts.

Antonin Le Faure
Louis  Siracusa
Jean-Baptiste Bonnard
Paul-Alexandre Dubois
Maëlle Martin
Sentimento Del Tempo is a scenographied concert, a voyage inside the italian contemporary world.
This program presents a set of contemporary Italian works, music and poetry, united by a sensitive desire to question the link between both of these arts, and to unseal the imprint of its roots, implicit or explicit, spread through the creation of the composer or the poet and by the breathing of the interpret.
This unique ensemble, double bass, harp, viola and percussion, will be presented in a protean way, between solos, duos and trios, through virtuoso works of the past century, innovative in their approach to technique and instrumental sonority.
This exploration is realized in Benoît Sitzia's Stanza Sparsa, a commissioned piece, which brings together the quartet in a work that is embellished with poetic discourse.