IRCAM, Festival Manifest 2018

World Premiere


Ircam's technical supervisor :

Eric Daubresse

CNSM's musical supervisor :

Hae-Sun Kang

Informatic musical realisation : Daniel Alvarado Bonilla

The composing of TOTEM was a true collaboration between Daniel and me. I proposed him techniques from Stefano Scodanibbio, mixed with some of my own experimental discoveries.

After a long process of recorded improvisations with performance instructions attached, Daniel managed to create his own language of musically and physically coherent extended-pizzicato-techniques.

We worked a lot on the corporality and fluidity of the piece, with an asserted ambidextrous theme, each hand has its own line.

A part of this piece is made from the musical universe I offered to Daniel, mixed with his unique sense of composing for string players and  subtlety of the tape he made to accompany. It is perfectly mixed with the double bass beginning as counterpoint, and progressively engulfing it and surpassing it.

For me this piece is the most beautiful gift I could receive, and I'm proud of having a hand in the making of it.

I will try to play it again in the near future, with tape, or perhaps an orchestrated version. I feel that this piece as a concerto could be also very interesting.


Augustin BRAUD


World Premiere

Festival Musica Nigella


Ensemble Musica Nigella


Conductor :

Takenori Nemoto

Master's Recital

CNSMDP  - 04/07/2017

Conductor : Rémi Durupt

Harp : Maëlle Martin

Viola : Ieva Sruogyte

Clarinets : Hugo Clédat

Flutes : Artem Naumenko

Percussions : Antoine Josselin

I had the chance to premiere Augustin Braud's concertino for double bass GOLEM. His piece is filled with the influences and techniques of Intercontemporain Ensemble double bassist Nicolas Crosse. Augustin worked with him to prepare his materials for the concerto.

Techniques such as the multiphonics with the finger under the bow and the dual handling of the bow to make long scratch sounds are notable examples.


I worked with Nicolas on this concerto to help understand its subtle implications and energy which fueled my interpretation of the final work.

This experience created strong bonds between Augustin and me, we now frequently share our ideas, and our parallel musical evolutions have become intertwined.

I hope to play this piece again in an extended version, as I feel with our shared understanding it could be even more intensively conveyed.

The two opportunities we had to record the work had small recording quality errors, so I have decided to attach both to help convey the piece better.

The first one is the premiere, with a small improvisation at the beginning to invite the public inside the chapel, as it was a multi-venue performance stretching across
an abbey. The recording of my master's recital is incomplete because of technical errors with the files.


Aurélien DUMONT

Les Voix des Arcanes

Les Voix des Arcanes is a project in expansion, still evolving. It's built around the the Tarot cards and their interpretations : between improvisation, composition, choreography, video, mapping, tape, performance and theater.

It's meant to be adaptive to the space in which it is taking place, also to resonate with the history of the different locations, producing an intense reflexion on space and time.

The interactions between dance and music are analysed and carefully crafted, forging a strong artistic link used as the fuel of the creation.


I greatly admire these interdisciplinary projects, projects that build bridges between artists and help them create together.